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Leading Veterinary Medicine Specianlist-Aquatic Medicine in Viet Nam

With advanced technology, the factory meets GMP WHO standards, MEBIPHA is confident to bring the best and most effective domestic and foreign livestock farmers.

Over 16 years of development, MEBIPHA is always proud of its core values, responsible to the end, with a commitment to products that are safe for human and animal health and environmentally friendly.


Develop Mebipha to be a pioneer provider the professional solutions to protect livestock’s health.


By advance technology and GMP WHO certificated factory, Mebipha is confident to produce and provide animal health care and related products and nutrient supplements for livestock in domestic market and export. Firm’s sustainable development is based on key management’s philosophy of transparent, consistent and justice. Our professional employees are ready to serve customers, distributors and suppliers with most optimum benefits. Mebipha is always proud of our core value, that commit the responsibility for safe products to livestock and human, and friendly with environment .

Core Value

Quality is the top target

Commitment to be responsible to the end of our product, safety for humans and livestock and without harming the environment.

Honesty, transparency, consistency and fairness.

The best benefits to stakeholders in the value chain.

Manufature and trade

Veterinary Medicine

Aquatic Medicine

Materials for Pharmaceutical


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